pop culture portrait project (4/144)september 2023 - currentlast year, i combined my love for pop culture with my love of astrology and made a spreadsheet of reality stars throughout the sun and moon signs. i also painted lisa vanderpump as kind of a joke - was really hesistant to share it anywhere because it felt a bit silly and contrived, but people really liked it..! i watch reality tv as i paint, so i decided to make my spreadsheet grid come to life by painting 144 astrology portraits of reality stars. trying to get one-ish done a week, so stay tuned as this page fills out :) 

how to read this grid: sun signs are the rows, moon signs are the columns, and they go in the order of the zodiac (aries is first, pisces last). one of these days i’ll add headings, but as everyone with a website knows, that day might not be as soon as i’d like.